Moving towards a sustainable coffee culture at Brown University.

Brown Students like Black Coffee? (On Campus Interview # 3)

A Note from Elaine Hsiang ‘15:

"The first time I really "had" coffee was probably pretty late in my life—for the longest time, I hated coffee because it was so bitter, but I started drinking it around sophomore year of high school, I think. My mom introduced me to coffee (she is a huge drinker).

I go to Starbucks most often for coffee. I’m a gold card member! I’m also visit Blue State sometimes. My favorite drink right now would probably be the mocha. If you want to get a bit more specific, soy peppermint mocha, no whip cream.  I love Starbucks, but I personally think it’s a bit overrated (and overpriced). I love fair trade coffee. It’s how coffee should be done. As for Blue State, they have the best mocha, hands down…and getting your drink with soy comes at no extra charge (plus the Baristas like to dance while making your drink so it’s perfection)!   I’m not really sure where Starbucks coffee comes from, but I know they use beans from many places (sorry vague answer). For Blue State, the cocoa beans come from Ghana! But that’s as far as I know.

I had my first real shot of espresso at Blue State. To be honest, even though I drink a ton of coffee, I’m not really familiar with all the different types…so when I visited Blue State one day I was like, “I think I’ll get an espresso!” and I’d thought it meant a drink with a shot of espresso…not like a shot of espresso in a tiny paper cup (I know I’m dumb). It was so, so, so, so, so bitter. But it did the trick. 

- Elaine is interested in Biology and like creative writing in her spare time. 


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